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As a recruiter, when you on, we will be able to make the right match when you post a job, so only the most suitable candidates will be shortlisted for the role.

Please provide much information as possible on your profile, as this will help us tailor our services and give you the best possible chance of success in recruiting the right person.

Recruiters use our service, as it’s quick and easy to set up a profile and post a job, and you have access to the most qualified and experience candidates within the technology and engineering sectors.

Job seekers often like to find out a bit more about the company they are applying to, and by creating your profile, our job seekers can gain an understanding of the size and type of company you are looking to secure talent for.

In some cases, job seekers can’t find the opportunity they are looking for, and they will often sign up for job alerts.

We send a job alert to suitable qualified Job Seekers when you post a job, so that you will never miss out on the best quality of candidates for your role.

We are also always on hand if you need any support or have any questions or comments about our services. You can contact us at any time, and we will do our best to assist you.

We know the frustrations of having a role to fill, but not being sure where to look for candidates. You don’t really want to advertise your job on various websites, as this just gives you the extra challenge of trying to coordinate the screening of candidates via different sources.

Our aim is to work in partnership with you and build a relationship, so we can help take care of your recruitment needs, quickly and without hassle.

We want to work side by side with you and offer you a great service, and real value for money, and we have achieved this with our NGO Job Portal.

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