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Find Qualified and Experienced Candidates.

At NGO Career we find you exceptional talent for your NGO job vacancies. Our process makes your search for qualified candidates quicker and easier. With more than monthly 1M views and a large database, NGO Career is the place to be and be seen by NGO professionals who are eager to make a difference in the world. By posting your NGO jobs with us, you will have the opportunity to expand the reach of your nGO recruitment. We will connect you to our community of talented NGO professionals who are ready to contribute to your mission.

The Right Fit for your NGO

The right candidates for your NGO job vacancies are out there - these people have the skills and personality to fit into your culture and enhance your team further. However, to find them, you need to be able to rise above the noise, capture their attention and ultimately convince them that you are the organization for them.

Finding your Perfect Match

At NGO Career we do the recruiting for you. We reach talent wherever they are on NGO Career, be that social media, desktop, or on mobile and provide precise targeting to ensure your organization’s vacancy is placed in front of the right people with the right skills.

Captivate Candidates with Your NGO’s Story

Ensure potential employees can discover and research your organization further before they apply. With our NGO profile section, you can showcase reviews, descriptions and ratings etc. to help you stand out. If you want access to our database of many NGO professionals whilst simplifying your recruitment process, post your job with NGO Career today.

Why Advertise with Us?

As a  human resources manager for your NGO, you must understand that even though there are thousands of candidates searching for NGO jobs, other NGOs compete for the  qualified candidates. And so, it's always wise to organise your recruitment strategies in a way that will keep your organisation ahead of others as you search for your ideal NGO candidate.

One of the best ways to attract the right talents for your job vacancies is by writing a standout job ad.

Aside from NGO Global Jobs giving your job post a particular spot on our website for all eyes to see, advertising with us helps us funnel the "exact" career candidate(s) to your organisation. Another good reason for advertising with us is that it attracts a high inflow of the right NGO job seekers to your job post.

Also, our job board  enables  you to select the best job seekers that are suitable to your job requirements. The selection process saves you the hassle of dealing with irrelevant applications

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