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Our Global NGO Portal  provides you with the opportunity to have your NGO job vacancies to be accessible to target professionals who are the right fit for your job listings.

As a recruiting agency, to post a job on our platform, you need a few things:

●Fill in the section that contains your NGO job vacancy title.

●Input the qualification level of the employee(s) that you would need for your vacant position(s). If they are entry-level humanitarian jobs, state all the skills required to work for your NGO.

●You'll do well to state the location of  the job and your organisation. State whether you need your employee(s) on-site or as a remote worker.

●Indicate the salary range you're willing to pay for the  NGO job vacancies. If possible, state if the salary is negotiable upon application.

Any additional information that would help us match you with the right NGO job seekers will be much appreciated.

Our job board allows your job posting(s) to be visible for an allotted amount of time (which you will see before posting a job). After posting a job, we send your NGO job vacancies as notifications and email alerts to our NGO career seekers whose resume/CV matches your employee requirements. Thus, you should almost immediately begin to receive applications from our NGO job seekers.

If you need to access a pool of suitable candidates we can help. Remove the stress from your recruiting process with our easy hiring portal. There is no limit to the number of jobs you can post or the quantity of applications you can receive. Open job opportunities can be posted quickly and easily with just a few clicks of the mouse so you can sit back, relax, and wait for the applications to roll in from qualified candidates.

Job vacancies may be listed as standard, or to highlight urgently needed positions your posts may be featured at the top of the job site page. Take advantage of our advertising packages and recruit swiftly for key positions.

Track your posts with access to your individual dashboard and easily monitor job posts and applications. Change, edit, or add to your job listing as needed and post a listing for any open positions.

Add job information and a detailed description to highlight the benefits and expectations of the job. Include a brief overview of your company, time in business, number of employees and other relevant information.

Once posted and approved your listing is instantly sent to candidates who meet the specifications, using our job matching system.

Alerting qualified job seekers to your vacancies within seconds of posting so you get the fastest possible response. Receive pre-screened submissions from applicants directly to you and contact potential employees instantly. View job-seekers CVs and filter for suitability before contacting candidates directly for more information or to schedule an interview.

If you’re looking to fill your vacancy, you have arrived at the right place. You can create your profile quickly and easily, and get started posting your job.

Visit our create a profile page, fill out your information and go straight to posting your job.

If your new to job posting, you might not really know where to start. The main thing you want to remember is that the job advert will need to be effective and descriptive enough to attract the right candidates.

What kind of person are you looking for? What skills and experience will they need? Make sure your advert is as descriptive as possible, not just in terms of the role itself, but the benefits you are offering, and reasons the job seeker should want to apply for the role.

Give them the incentive to want to apply and be part of your company. We hope we have made the process for posting a job as straightforward as possible, but if you would like some assistance, feel free to contact us We are always on hand to help.

It couldn’t be easier to post a job with us, and if you want to start your recruitment process straight away, you can get started now. All you need to do is create your profile and fill out the required fields. Your job will be live straight away.

How do I attract candidates?

The main question recruiters have is how do they attract candidates to apply for their roles? If you are thinking the same, just remember that the job should include as much detail as possible, including location, working hours and day to day responsibilities.

It is important to attract the right candidates, which is why the job posting should be as descriptive as possible. Job seekers are particularly interested in what they will be doing, and what they will be offered. If there are extra benefits on top of the salary, don’t forget to mention that!

Making the right hire

It is important to make the right hire, as it can be extremely costly if you hire the wrong person and invest time and money in training them. The best way to ensure you make the right hire is to have a thorough screening process in place.

A good checklist with the desired skills, experience and attributes will be useful here. A strong shortlist of 5 or 6 candidates will give you a good choice to select from. A quick call with the candidates before you invite them for interview will give you a better indication of whether they will be right for the job. For example, to ensure they are enthusiastic, motivated and have good communication skills.

Post your job now and we’ll also send an alert to suitable candidates who have registered with us.

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