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NGO Career’s database allows you to post your Curriculum Vitae (CV) so that NGO employers can easily find you on our platform. Post your most recent CV with any additional information that will  attract employers.

With every detail filled up, we will match your qualifications, skills and experience  with the job that suits you.

All your information and document uploads are protected from third-party access. In addition, our website is built with protected firewalls that detect and stop malicious infringements that may result in loss or stolen data. So, your privacy is guaranteed.

Developing a strong CV takes a lot of time and care, so when it’s finished, it’s time to get it in front of the people who matter, whether that’s a recruitment agency or business owner. One of the best ways to maximise your reach in terms of CV distribution is to upload it to a jobs board such as ours. There are many benefits to doing this including:

Maximum opportunity

Recruiters will spend time online searching for suitably qualified and skilled candidates who may be a good fit for the vacancies that they are looking to fill. As you are working during the day or you are out job searching, your CV is present on the jobs board waiting to be found by recruiters that you may not even know about. You can even be sent emails when a job is advertised that’s a good fit for the skills and experience that you have listed on your CV. We also allow CVs to be viewed by registered recruiters who are a member of our platform, so you won’t have to worry about privacy issues or it being freely available online to be viewed by anyone who visits the website.

Speed up the Job Search

Once your CV has been posted and recruiters are finding you, the job search becomes so much more efficient. This not only saves you time but helps recruiters find the best candidates for the jobs they have available.

When it comes to managing your CV online, it’s important that you do spend time tailoring the CV to the jobs that you are applying for. Although you may be applying for the same type of role, the company that you are applying to may be looking for different skills or have very specific criteria. It is therefore important that you tailor your CV to the job that you are applying for. This shouldn’t take too much time as you have the basic framework in place, but by making a few minor amendments you can really make all the difference. The things that you should look to change include the professional summary and core competencies if you include these on your CV at the very least.

That said, when managing your CV online, there are some caveats to be aware of. When posting personal information online, take care with what you post. While your CV can include some personal details, it’s important to be aware that there are some details that you should not include. This information includes your address, date of birth, national insurance number, passport or driving licence number or other sensitive pieces of information.

Also avoid listing references on your CV as your current or previous employers won’t appreciate being inundated with reference requests. Including the statement ‘References available upon request’ would more than suffice.

To get started with your CV visit our CV writing resources. Alternatively, you can visit our registration page to register with us if you haven’t already done so or browse our jobs pages to start your job search.

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