Our Mission

NGO CAREER mission is to become the leader in promoting career and professionalism in the NGO Sector and Non-Government Development Organisations. We aim to become a global reference in relation to NGO recruitment and career development.

This will be achieved by:

  1. Providing an NGO Career Portal and organising meetings, career events and fairs that connect Non-Governmental Organisations and Career seekers.
  2. Organising training opportunities to improve the skills, leadership, competencies, capacity and knowledge of NGO workforce.
  3. Building relationships through networking and information exchange among NGOs and their staff in order to build professional relationships and collaborations.
  4. Promote best practices among Non-Government Development Organisations.
  5. Providing consultancy and technical assistance to help NGOs design effective human resources plans.
  6. Helping to identify strategic opportunities for action on key career development issues and promoting networking and sharing of information and analysis in order to increase effectiveness of NGOs.
  7. Enhancing cooperation and networking among NGOs by facilitating meetings, and sharing of information.

At NGO CAREER, our ambition is to serve as a trustworthy NGO career platform with a track record of helping qualified NGO career seekers discover NGO job opportunities and win them.

We understand the hassle of scouting for NGO jobs on various websites - that may not turn out as credible platforms. And so, our job is to take the full responsibility of serving as a trustworthy intermediary between NGOs with well-paying NGO job vacancies including entry-level humanitarian jobs and career seekers.

As an online recruitment website, NGO Career helps NGOs to avoid the need of walking through the huddles of dealing with the stress caused by having to navigate through thousands of CVs that may end up being from unqualified candidates.

To help everyone get the best results from using our NGO Job Portal, we check all our job seekers and recruiters for credibility before allowing them to post any material on our international job portal.

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