About Us 

NGO Career is a UK based Global NGO Job Portal  offering a helping hand to individuals seeking jobs in the NGO (Non-governmental organization) sector. Our vision is to help NGOs in the amazing work they do by matching them up with ideal recruits to come and work for them. Simultaneously, we also aim to improve the experience of those looking for a job in the NGO sector by providing a platform to enable them to find their perfect match within the sector or NGO that they are interested in joining.

NGO Career is an international NGO job board focused on matching the full spectrum of NGO roles with suitably skilled and experienced job seekers. We care that this is a sector in need of careful recruitment practices in order to empower NGOs, as well as empower the individual aid worker. As resources for recruitment can be scarce, and positions often have an international target job market, it’s vital to use a dedicated digital platform like NGO Careers to ensure the recruitment process is successful for candidate and NGO alike.

At NGO Career, we have a vast number of NGO jobs for you to browse, and a broad and experienced talent pool of candidates. We focus on careers as connected employment opportunities, progression, learning and experiences to meet your life goals. NGOcareer.com is the ideal employment search and recruitment service for both Job seekers and employers worldwide.

As job seeker, you can search and apply for your dream NGO Job in Non-government Organizations, Charities and Not-For-Profit Organisations. As a recruiter or employer, our job portal allow you post job vacancies and hire the right candidates for your organization’s cause and mission.


Our Mission

NGO CAREER vision is to become the leader in promoting career and professionalism in the NGO Sector and Non-Government Development Organisations. We aim to become a global reference in relation to NGO recruitment and career development.

This will be achieved by:

  • Providing an NGO Career Portal and organising  meetings, career events and fairs that connect Non-Governmental Organisations and Career seekers.
  • Organising training opportunities to improve the skills, leadership, competencies, capacity and knowledge of NGO workforce.
  • Building relationships through networking and information exchange among NGOs and their staff in order to build professional  relationships and collaborations.
  • Promote best practices among Non-Government Development Organisations.
  • Providing consultancy and technical assistance  to help NGOs design effective human resources plans.
  • Helping to identify strategic opportunities for action on key career development issues and promoting networking and sharing of information and analysis in order to increase effectiveness of  NGOs.
  • Enhancing cooperation and networking among NGOs by facilitating  meetings, and sharing of information.


At NGO CAREER, our ambition is to serve as a trustworthy NGO career platform with a track record of helping qualified NGO career seekers discover NGO job opportunities and win them.

We understand the hassle of scouting for NGO jobs on various websites - that may not turn out as credible platforms. And so, our job is to take the full responsibility of serving as a trustworthy intermediary between NGOs with well-paying NGO job vacancies including entry-level humanitarian jobs and career seekers.

As an online  recruitment website, NGO Career helps  NGOs to avoid the need of  walking through the huddles of dealing with the stress  caused by having to navigate through  thousands of CVs that may end up being from unqualified candidates.

To help everyone get the best results from using our NGO Job Portal, we check all our job seekers and recruiters for credibility before  allowing them to post any material on  our international job portal.


What We Do


NGO CAREER is a Global NGO Job Portal devoted to helping professionals find the right NGO career opportunities available to them. Whether you're figuring out your career path through entry-level NGO jobs or you're incredibly passionate about working for an NGO, NGO CAREER is here for you.

And so, we serve as a job portal where professionals and proven recruiters connect to each other. In addition, we are an NGO job board that serves purpose-driven international organisations that are out there to contribute to humanity and need qualified NGO career seekers to man their workforce.

With our Global NGO Jobs, we point job seekers to the types of NGO jobs available for them and provide career resources to help boost their chances of success as they climb the ladder of career achievement. From NGO executive positions to entry-level humanitarian jobs, we provide resources for career advancement. Global NGO Job is all about encouraging talents in Charities, NGOs, Social Enterprises and Non-Profit Organisations.

Our NGO job vacancies are sourced from thousands of job listings across, Non-Governmental organisations, International Organisations and Humanitarian Organisations across the globe.

NGO CAREER  has useful career advice resources that will guide you on your career path, through our online career resources, from entry-level  to senior-level in any sector of non-profit and humanitarian organisations of your choice.

Our website comes with optimised, user-friendly functionality that enables you to make most NGO job search and matching opportunities on our international job portal.

Like we've made it clear, our goal is to serve both NGO career seekers and recruiters in the best way possible. You can always reach out to us for assistance and ways in which we can help you better. We're always willing to offer our help if working for an NGO is your passion.

Our NGO Job Portal  revolves around achieving the following:

● Helping professionals in NGOs and international organisations to land jobs that match their qualifications. It is our core belief that working for an NGO should be facilitated and promoted.


● Helping recruiters and owners of NGOs access qualified and high-standard NGO career seekers and the right team for their organisation.


● We are building the bridge network of passionate humanitarian organisations and job seekers who will make a difference within their organisation. Whether it's health NGO jobs, humanitarian jobs, social enterprise jobs, international development jobs, we are a trustworthy NGO career portal to help you make the best of your aspirations.


Whether as an NGO job seeker or an NGO in need of professional work, NGO Career’s global NGO jobs are available to apply for. Keeping you satisfied is our uncompromising promise.

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