About the Role

The role of the program manager will be first to understand every module adopted to discharge the missing of the organisations. And then to lead the staff members into the field to carry them out. This includes a good understanding of how to use all computer programs or work appliances needed to dispense these duties in the field of operations. Good knowledge of technology and an enthusiasm to learn about new ones is a great advantage in working as our program manager.

The Program Manager oversees the process of formulating models of inspection approach from the idea generation stage down to the implementation stage. So, the job involves strategy development, effective use of data/analysis, effective communication of concepts, and implementation. The Program Manager will also supervise the staff during field operations for the proper execution of assigned tasks.


Job Description


●    Having leadership abilities to impart a team spirit to the staff members and guide them on operations in the field, in that light, playing supervisory roles through quality evaluation of all work activities.


●    Design through critical thinking, implement innovations, and manage the use of resources for maximal profit. The result should be effective positive changes in strategies and execution.


●    Relate and build bridges between the organisation and potential partners with similar goals as ours.


●    Be conversant with trends in the news and the latest technologies to aid the organization's operations in carrying out its duties in the field.


●    Search out more means to effectively drive down our goal, whether through findings from similar organisations or independent research. As a Program Manager, your presence should result in an overhaul in our execution procedures.


●    Any additional information will be given upon acceptance.


Job Requirements


●    Leadership Skills. The Program Manager should be able to carry his team along, cheer them, and make them see from his depth of knowledge.


●    Management skills, consulting skills, and apt in innovation technologies.


●    Good English command, both in spoken and written form.


●    Has foresight, with the ability to identify problems before they occur and stop them.


●    An enthusiasm for technology. This will make the Program Manager quickly see through tech appliances and benefit the cause of the organisation.

●     Qualifications required to work for an NGO: A  Postgraduate degree in Project Management.

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