About the Role

To drive home the vision and plan of our organisation, we need more professional hands to join our executives in the innovation processes of our ideals. The position will involve working with the executive director and administrative associates like the director of membership. The office of a Program Director plays a vital role in the organisation that includes the development of unique projects and conferences that will drive the organisation forward. So, your job will be to see the goals and purpose of the organisation become successful from an office of leadership.


Job Description

●    Innovate programs and schemes that will improve the effectiveness of staff in the organisation.

●    Join the executives in designing current and future programs that the organisation will run with to keep it sustained. This also includes maintaining contact with the heads of each sector of the organisation to ensure proper implementation.

●    Join the executive in designing the brochure of the organisation's yearly activities.

●    Build professional partnerships with executives outside the shores of the organisations. These persons include governmental officials, members of other organisations, sponsors, and event speakers.

●    Organise and be in charge of all scheduled meetings that involve the presiding presence of the organisation's executives.

●    Play a leading role in coordinating and ensuring a professional social media presence for the organisation. This demands a good knowledge of media communication processes, drafting and presenting public news, presentations, press outreaches, etc.


Job Requirements

●    A minimum of 5 years in policy direction, program management, or any related working environment.

●    Good command of English, both in written and oral form. This also includes the ability to communicate the core values of the organisation to outsiders.

●    A good understanding of the trends in organisational policies and the methods of effective program management.

●    A good understanding of the organisation's core values and a passionate desire to see them fulfilled.

●    Ability to work in any office environment and know the policy structures involved in working with executives with all sense of professionalism.

●    Ability to lead an assigned team of staff members into the successful performance of a policy or task -- all with practical, timely delivery.

●    Good knowledge of relevant software like CRM software, Zoom, Microsoft office suite. Also, you should know how to use social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

●    Qualifications to work for an NGO: A Master's Degree in finance accounting, management, international relations, or any related field of study.

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