About the Role

To effectively serve the communities we exist to serve and keep the operation of our organisation running; we understand the demands to maintain a stable inflow of funds. However, the primary means by which we generate revenue for the organisation is through fundraising. And so, your role will be to raise and source funds for the organisation through campaigns, fundraising events, legacies, foundations, and trust funds. To effectively carry out this duty, you must understand the organisation's core values, with a passion for seeing it go from ideation to implementation stage. Your role is to survey the organisation's yearly activities and draw out fundraising plans to meet the annual budget.

Job Description

●    Draft out plans, with written applications, to source funds such as grants from both governmental bodies,  foundations, and grant makers.

●    Understand the current fundraising process and provide schemes and strategies to improve upon it.

●    Make budgeting plans to meet the financial needs of each sector of the organisation.

●    Undertake operational strategies to discover prospective funders and adopt measures to secure revenue from them. This includes noting their values if they align with that of our organisation.

●    Relate with the team of staff members to plan and fast track the process of sourcing funds in line with the needs and programs of the organisation.

●    Oversee the ongoing matters that surround all applications submitted to foundations and trust funds. This involves maintaining relationships with the executives in those foundations for a favourable disposition towards the organisation.

●    Work with staff members to discover opportunities to attract new funders for the organisation.

●    Look out for opportunities to recruit fundraising volunteers for the organisation.


Job Requirements

●    A minimum of 4 years of experience in fundraising for non-profit organisations, i.e., having a good understanding of funding processes, strategies, and relationship-building methods.

●    A good IT know-how. Good use of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

●    An excellent interpersonal skill, i.e., the ability to relate with stakeholders, executives, as well as members of the staff.

●    Ability to work and lead a team of volunteers and other staff members to generate the desired revenue.

●    Be self-motivated, with the ability to work alone, and encourage others to work towards the achievement of a set goal.

●    Qualifications required to work for an NGO: A degree in NGO/Charity Marketing and Fundraising.

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