About the Role

While one of the major activities of our organisation is the sourcing of funds, the ability to properly utilise them for important projects is paramount. This calls for an effective financial plan and management. But to carry out the implementation of organisational tasks, an analytic approach to work is required. This is why we need a financial planner who also doubles as an analyst.


Job Description


●    Work with the financial department of the organisation and make calculated financial decisions on behalf of the organisation.

●    Conduct monthly analysis on the funds allocated and used by each department of the organisation.

●    Join the financial team in making financial plans and the budgeting procedures in carrying out those plans.

●    Provide leadership support and advice on overall financial accounting processes. This means you will allow your expertise to reflect in all that the organisation does.

●    Work and interrelate with the heads of each department of the organisation. And help maintain a consistent flow between each department.

●    Make monthly reports that ascertain how funds are utilised and draft management plans to curb unnecessary expenses.

●    Discovering and introducing software that will facilitate adequate financial fluidity in the organisation.


Job Requirements


●    Creative thinking, ability to use available data to forecast financial trends, and flexibility.

●    Ability to work with a team and carry them along. This means having interpersonal and social skills.

●    Ability to adapt to any work environment and relate with people of different beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds.

●    Ability to effectively communicate financial terms in a layman's term to officials who may not know what they mean.

●    Good command of computer software like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

●    A minimum of 5 years in the finance sector.

●    Qualifications required to work for  an NGO: Bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, business administration, or data analysis.

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