About the Role

An NGO needs a financial manager to oversee all monetary operations in the organisation. As the financial manager, you will ensure the effective management of sourced funds and oversee their disbursements to all the organisation’s departments. Track and monitor financial operations in the organisation to ensure that funds are used in the tasks for which they're disbursed. In addition, all operations must have their financial records.

You should be well-organized and able to order disorderly workflow and financial documentations. It would be best to communicate and effectively share the organisation’s passion before partnering with organisations and top executives. Which means your interpersonal relationship skills should be good. You must be flexible in your work approach and adapt to changes as the need calls for it in the work environment.


Job Description


●    Have an overseeing eye on all transactional operations in the organisation. You should know everything about how funds are sourced for the organisation, how it is organised, and how it is used during field operations.


●    Manage and oversee recruitment procedures for the organisation. Because of your eye for where the money in the organisation goes, you should know the kind of employees and the critical features needed for the organisation. So, you'll be among our board of recruitment staff.


●    Coordinate recurrent payments to employees and grant funds to an organisation that is our recipient.


●    Checking and operating our financial system for the immediate termination of recurring payments once an employee leaves the organisation.


●    Undertake administrative duties in the organisation.


●    Understand and maintain company policies while overseeing our sales and purchase ledger.


●    Updating and documenting all financial records in an orderly manner.


Job Requirements


●    A good experience with financial accounting systems.


●    A good experience with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook.


●    Ability to stay coordinated in an office environment with many people in it.


●    Good communication skills: ability to share and understand human empathy.


●    Committed to personal development, as well as making improvements in the organisation.


●    Very professional in your approach to work and flexible enough to accommodate harmony and team play.


●     Qualifications required to work for an NGO: A degree in Finance and Business Management.

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