About the Role

An NGO needs an Executive Director of services to lead the entire members of our staff. As an executive director, your role will be centred on ensuring a proper reception and execution of the purpose for which our organisation exists. The organisation has defined means of approach to achieve its core values to the communities in need of its services. Your job will be to spearhead practical approaches and improve upon existing ones to meet our goals efficiently.

Job Description


Your role in the organisation includes:

●    Playing a leading role in anything that will lead to the organisation’s development, from formulation of approach down to overseeing the implementation approach.


●    Re-designing and organising the staff structure of the organisation in the best way possible will result in the effective use of employees.


●    A good understanding of the purpose of the organisation and the requisite desire to protect and promote it.


●    Good fundraising skills and interpersonal skills to relate with potential donors and source for funds, and further the course of the organisation. This demands excellent networking skills.


●    Draft out programs and the requirements needed for recruiting employees into the organisation. This includes knowing all that qualified employees must have before working for an NGO.


●    Design and implement programs to reach out to sectors and communities in need of our services. Also, introducing programs to help these communities live independently of our support after a suitable period.


●    Develop programs to train staff and volunteers for effectiveness in the organisation and society.


●    Build relationships with the top management personnel in various organisations and form affiliations to raise the organisation’s credibility.


●    A frequent review of the workflow for effective implementation of tasks passed from the top to the minor staff in the organisation.


●    Qualifications required: Masters in Management


●    There will be more duties communicated during the interview.


Job Requirements

●    Creative and critical thinking skills.

●    Ability to drive an organisation and carry the team along.

●    Previous experience in working for a charity will be a huge plus.

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