About the Role

To bridge the gap between effective communication among executives and staff, our organisation sees the need for a deputy director of development.
So, the deputy director will serve as a means of immediate contact with team members on the field while relaying all the plans and purposes of the board members. The role involves giving advice to team members and guiding NGO operations in the various sectors of task implementation. As the deputy director of development, you will conduct thorough research on ideas handed down from the executive and then pass it, in relatable terms, to the staff who will carry them out. This means you should have good interpersonal skills and a good understanding of human empathy.

Job Description

●    Make contributions on ideas for organisational development during board meetings among executives.
●    Supervise and understudy staff to note areas of improvement and areas in need of assistance.
●    Play a vital role in the recruitment of staff while noting already established staff for opportunities for promotion. This involves identifying talents searching for international development jobs who meet all the qualifications to work for an NGO. It also entails identifying talents among the staff members and adopting creative measures to harness them for the organisation’s growth.
●    Play a significant role in undertaking legal decisions on behalf of the organisation. This means you should have background knowledge in legal terms and documentation and communicate effectively with the organisation’s executives.
●    Be conversant with NGO recruitment job boards to help keep the organisation ahead in searching for rising talents. This requires a good understanding of the skills required for entry-level NGO jobs.
●    Provide management services on the organisation’s bookkeeping. This involves recording and managing contracts, note staff leaves, document the start and conclusion of a project, etc.
Job Requirements
●    An average experience of 7 years in international development nonprofits. Along with this, you should have a master's degree in human resources or any other degree with similar descriptions.
●    Good leadership qualities like keeping staff members motivated and the ability to teach a team spirit in staff.
●    Ability to effectively communicate your ideas to the organisation’s workforce while overseeing operations to ensure maximal fruition.
●    Aptness in developing strategies to bypass roadblocks in the execution of a given task. 
●    Ability to interact with executives and discover favourable partnership opportunities with other organisations. This involves having good social and interpersonal skills.
●    Good English command, both in oral and written form. Additional international language would be a great asset

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