About the Role

To ensure a smooth and organised flow of activities in an NGO, the NGO  requires the duties of an administrative assistant. Your job will be to ensure that all office activities are according to books and coordinate staff duties according to the organisation’s values. This involves keeping documentation for all programs and the resources used to discharge them. The result of your duties will be to drive the mission of the organisation to success.


Job Description


●    Your job includes rendering office support with the executive director, ensuring a smooth flow of information from the director down to the basic level of specified direction.


●    You will run research on localities in need of our services while recording and documenting all valuable findings. Part of your research is to seek grant donors and potential affiliations with organisations that will benefit the organisation.


●    Arrange appointments between the organisation with other affiliate organisations. Organise visiting personnel following the executive director and manager's schedule.


●    Handle and take care of all written documentation in the organisation. Overseeing all newsletters and written presentations required on social media.


●    Log all activities in documents for easy referencing. A little knowledge of the financial sector is needed since you may have to work hand-in-hand with the financial manager.


●    Carry out duties that are related in scope with administrative roles.


Job Requirements


●    Good communication and management skills. Excellent writing skill with effective command of English, with an ear for human empathy in the art persuasion.


●    A good understanding of office ethics and environment coordinating skills.


●    Good interpersonal skills. You should have the ability to adapt to different personalities, be a team player, and be flexible enough to accept people's opinions.


●    Technical know-how. You must understand the in-and-out of Microsoft (PowerPoint, Word, and Excel). Since you'll be ensuring that we portray a professional appearance online, knowledge of the internet will be better.


●    A background experience in autism (or any of the related areas of interest) will be welcomed.

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